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Prevention and Tips for Swimmer’s Ear

Posted on September 2nd, 2013 at 12:01 pm, in Boys Water Polo, Girls Water Polo, Swimming

Swimmer’s Ear:¬† If you have had swimmer’s ear, you know how painful it can be.¬† It can put a damper on summer fun and make swimming difficult from year round swimmers.¬† Swimmer’s ear (Otitis Externa)¬† is caused by the presence of bacteria and fungus that thrive in the dark, warm and moist environment of the outer ear and ear canal.¬† If untreated, the organisms will cause a terribly painful infection that will require medical attention.


1¬† Keep the water out while you’re showering: use earplugs or a shower cap, or dip a cotton ball in petroleum jelly and place in the entrance to the ear canal.

2  Protect your ear canals when swimming. Wear earplugs, and resist the urge to take a dip in any polluted waters: keep swimming pools clean, and bypass those lakes and ponds.

3¬† After your shower or swim, place a few drops of a 1:1 mixture of alcohol and white vinegar into ear canal with a dropper. Tip head to one side so the affected ear faces the ceiling, then tip the other way to let it drain out. This mixture helps prevent onset of swimmer’s ear.

4¬† Take special care when cleaning ears. Wipe outer ear clean with a soft cloth wrapped around your finger, and avoid poking into the ear canal, especially with pointed objects. You don’t want to disrupt the natural wax coating in your ear that protects against harmful bacteria.

5  Guard your ears from the chemical irritants in beauty products such as hairspray or hair dye by placing cotton in your ears.

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